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Issa Intro

My name is Bukky a.k.a Pearl B. I am a twenty something young single lady. I am a Nigerian- American living in the Pacific Northwest.

I am sure you are asking what’s up with this blog? Well let me tell you.

I went on a date on Sunday and after I walked off, I immediately called my bestie Yeti and she’s like

  • Wait, what’s the time?…it’s not even two hours…it didn’t go well. I busted out laughing because she knew just by how long I spent on the date.

I proceeded to give her the low down on the date and right in the middle of my story I was like omg how cool would it be to have a platform where women can share and discuss their dating chronicles… and here we are 😊

Ladies, don’t lie, we ALL have that one girlfriend or group chat that we download dating gists to.

The next reason is to remove the angst out of online dating ESPECIALLY for Nigerian/African ladies. I know a good number of ladies who have sworn up and down they’ll never do online dating. Ok, confession, i used to hold those beliefs as well but then i got to thinking…

We live in a trust economy and a digital age where we trust strangers with our lives when we step into their cars via Uber and lyft. Let’s not forget that we utilize social media mediums like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, etc to connect with people we know or wish to know. Ya'll know it goes down in the DM. It’s 2017! People these days are either one click or a swipe away.

I want to create a casual space where we can chat, and share our chronicles of online dating.

The goal is to find Prince Charming but there are frogs to kiss along the way…so pucker up!

Pearl B.

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