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My First Online Date Meetup

My foray into online dating came through I had been chatting with this guy for a couple of weeks so we agreed to meet over brunch.

I got to the location right on time and we texted to confirm arrival. Standing outside was a guy, he looked like his pictures. He approached me, we exchanged salutation and walked in.

We picked a spot outside and as I sat down, he says "I'm so glad you look like your profile pictures."

Anyhoo, we start chatting and place our orders, our food is brought over and he asks, “do you mind if we say grace?”, and I say no. He grabs my hands, says grace and I say amen.

Sidenote when he said grace I was like ok, you get bonus points.

While eating, some bees start to swarm my plate and I shoo them away and spilled my juice in the process, to which I said damn! and he paused and said: “oh you curse” I wasn’t sure if he meant it as a question or a statement, so i said I don’t consider damn to be a curse word. He didn’t respond, and we finished eating.

With full bellies we talked about life, work, and hobbies. We both liked Ted Talks so we discussed some of our favorite videos. It turned out there was an upcoming Ted Talks event a couple of weeks away in the area. We chatted a bit longer and then said our goodbyes.

About 2 hours later, I got a message notification and guess who? Mr. date sent me a lengthy ass message about how he enjoyed the date, blah blah blah but was put off by my cursing. (I'm like really, i said damn ma dude). He then concludes his message by saying he is available to accompany me to the Ted Talks event if I decide to go.

Bruh, how you gon break up with me and then ask to be my plus one to an event? …where they do that at?

I didn’t even bother to respond.


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