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1st Submission: Fu*kboy in Disguise

So about four months ago, I was celebrating my mother's church society anniversary when I was introduced to a man. We sat down near the entrance and had a small conversation (basic introduction).

Then we arranged to meet up for an informal date one Saturday. Worst date ever!!! He was fifteen minutes late and just when I was turning around to leave he shows up looking like starving marvin- old worn out white shirt and black pants.

The date was nothing but an hour and a half of talking about his life before he came from Nigeria, how he's looking for a wife (in reality it's a green card b/c even from the WhatsApp chat I knew something was fishy...)

The remaining time was spent sitting in a park watching children acting like the little rascals while he talked about a previous "friend" and how he hoped things work out "this time around".

After the date I talked to my friends and showed them his pics. They proceeded to tell me of a similar situation with an acquaintance where she was confronted by the man's wife.

Long story short to avoid bullshit and drama, he was blocked immediately.

The world still turns!

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