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The One That Got Away

Have you ever wondered about the one that got away? Do you even believe in ‘the one that got away?” After all, them getting away can only be a testament that they weren’t the one to begin with, so who cares if they got away? or is that just what we tell ourselves to self-pacify the stings of pain and regret?

I am not sure actually.

Someone shared their reflection with me about the one they felt got away. I find that guilt and the memory of those we didn’t treat right are what haunts us especially when we find ourselves in challenging times with our significant others.

We tend to feel the grass is greener on the other side. Perhaps you may not have to deal with an issue you so detest with your current partner now but who knows what was in store for you and the one that got away?

In online dating we get maybe 30 seconds at best to decide on a person. No one knows which swipe will lead to THE ONE, but we take our best guess, swipe away and hope for the best. If we refuse to let go of the past we will never give the present our best.

So as you swipe or encounter people wherever you do, enter that space and conversation as a blank canvas. No comparing and contrasting with those that came before them because it is not fair to them and it isn’t fair to you.

If they got way, let them go! Release the memories and free yourself to create new ones.

Pearl B.

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