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Thank God for Online Dating!

I contemplated writing a post about being thankful for my singleness in the age of online dating, especially when I am being reminded that I am single and need to do something about it as if there is a man tree I have refused to pluck from. So, I’m flipping the switch up on this B. Here’s why I am thankful for online dating.

In what era and time would finding a mate be one swipe away…literally. Online dating can be likened to shopping online. You can apply filters that interest you like race, age, location, religion, etc. overall, I’ve been blessed with both good and bad experiences while online dating. I have discovered new activities, and places around me that I may not have discovered or visited otherwise. I’ve also met some cool people. I’ve shared my Nigerian friend story in another post.


Thanks to online dating I have mastered drawing and matching my eyebrows. LISTEN! This is no small feat. My brow game was on life support before I had to constantly practice for my dates. Back when I was hip I would line up multiple dates during the week, so I had to get better at my sub-par make up skills.


Hellur. Not even gonna lie, the highlights of some dates were just the amazing food or dessert I had. I’ve sat through a shitty date just, so I could finish my meal. No way I’m just gon waste the delicious goodness because my date was boring AF. We both gon sit here and watch me eat everything off this plate. You know how many kids in Africa are looking for food?

If you like judge me…na you sabi. ps: If I ever insist and pay for my meal on our very first date...BRUH...Just know there will NOT be another date. Don’t get me wrong, I come prepared with vex money and I will offer BUT the expectation is that you’ll say you got it covered. It’s just chivalry…abi don’t you have home training ni?


This is the most important contribution! each date I go on, I leave learning just a tiny bit more about myself OR feeling convicted in my behavior or character good or bad. It takes exploration to confirm one’s like and dislikes and interacting with strangers to shine that light that provides clarity.


One would think the years spent in school getting my degrees would make me an expert at research. NOPE! Going on a date with someone off the internet though did the trick and turn me into a FBI agent with the quickness. As you know I campaign for caution with online dating and emphasize the importance of researching people prior to meeting them. Online dating has helped me hone my research skills. I’ve learned the right keyword combination to use and the sites to consult.


Online dating has two facets, the text messages and then the in-person interaction which is another ordeal on its own. While I don’t necessary like to get into ‘Interviewer Mode’ sometimes a situation calls for it especially when dealing with a socially challenged or shy person. The ability to build rapport with just about anyone is an act and art that is useful in life period. They don’t even teach you that in school…so thank you Bumble.

Shout out to Bumble and Tinder, ya’ll are the real MVPs.

Pearl B.

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