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Look Back At It!

When I started my year in 2017 I had a number of goals, I was blessed to be able to check off some of them off, and the unchecked have been moved to my 2018 list. One of the 2017 goals was to put myself out there, to be less protective and crack open the window into my world. While I relish my privacy, there are certain things that are OK to share. The key is having the wisdom to determine WHAT to share.

In the beginning of the year i heard this quote: “A sorrow shared is halved and a joy shared is doubled.” This quote is the thread that ran through my year. I allowed myself to be vulnerable, I allowed myself advocate for me, I allowed myself celebrate me, i put ME first. This blog is another manifestation of that theme and I am super thankful.

There are people I started 2017 with that I don’t even have their numbers anymore, and that is fine.

There are people I didn’t even know in 2016 but know now and I’m grateful for their presence in my life.

So where does dating fall in?

Part of my self-improvement plan for 2017 was to put myself out there, after all man’s not gonna fall from the sky, now is he? I decided I was going to give online dating a try forreal foreal, I’ve had instances of false starts, where I would sign up and within weeks delete my profile.

My foray into online dating overall has been ok, on a scale of 5, I’ll rate it a 3. Here’s why, I felt like the pool of candidates were hella slim, and this could be because I am a bit on the picky side.

Below are some stats:

I have not shared all the stories from those dates, maybe i'll share them next year we'll see. I am just thankful to be in a season and live in a time where technology is helping us reduce the degrees of seperation and ickyness of developing relationships with strangers...what a time to be alive!

Here is to a greater 2018 that i am declaring will surpass my wildest imaginations and dreams.

Pearl B.

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