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From the Top!

Welcome to 2018. I pray that 2018 will deliver to you and yours blessings on blessings on blessings. May the ringtone for this year be Congratulations. Amen

Part of my goal setting for 2018 is to continue to pour into this outlet, share and be more visible. It’s not easy writing all these stories. I promise to remain authentic and share my experiences and hope it encourages others to do the same.


Create a space for the under 35 years old African woman (especially Nigerian) to share, grow, and support each other on our journey from Ms. to Mrs. and vice versa.

  • Evolve this space to be inclusive of topics that may be outside ‘Online Dating’ but still relevant to the overarching topic of Dating/ Relationship/ Marriage/ Separation/ Divorce.


  1. Go on more dates! – Need to keep the pipeline for content open.

  2. Say yes to new experiences! – What’s that quote? Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

  3. Listen to my gut A LOT more. – If it doesn’t feel right, GURL you better listen to avoid stories that touch.

  4. Nurture my writing voice. – Someone sent me a link to a blog on dating and I was blown away by the author’s voice and writing style.

  5. Promote this blog. – Closed mouths don’t get fed.


To my loyal visitors I think there maybe 5-10 of you for now. I say THANK YOU!

For those who come through and hit me up with feedback, THANK YOU!

For those who support by sharing to their social media feeds, THANK YOU!

For the mo gbo mo ya ( i heard and branched a.ka. awon lurkers,) THANK YOU TOO.

Special thanks to Shade, who encourages me like cray. She brainstormed ideas and became my personal promoter.

Special thanks to thank Aunty Bimpe. Your constant support keeps me going, THANK YOU and please don’t stop o.

Special thanks to Yetunde, who was the first person I shared this idea with and indulged me when I was just rambling about it.

Here’s to the swipes, dates, 2nd dates, 3rd dates, BAE, engagements, introductions, asoebi and #wedding stories.

Pearl B.

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