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The Upside of Disasters!

What was supposed to be a quick weekend trip to Houston was altered thanks to Hurricane Harvey. I soon found myself under house arrest for a week, so to kill time I cooked and did some mindless swiping on Le Bumbs. Cue Mr. H

He came off as a cool dude in his profile. His write up indicated he worked in marketing and dabbled in music. I was like ok, there is alignment in career and interest and so I swiped right.

I sent my hello and he responded and we soon started our chat. We talked about the storm, music, food, turns out he is Nigerian. He asked how I was spending my time and I told him I was cooking a ton, and he joked that I didn’t offer him a plate and I asked him where my plate was. He claimed his Egusi was thanks to a family recipe. I said all na mouth, let me taste it first to confam. No be by reading, tasting is believing. Our chat was very fluid and infused with humor and so we decided we should meet up if the weather allowed.

The storm subsided and so we decided to meet at a bar downtown, Let me just stop here and tell you how i was looking a hot mess. I didn't bring much with me on my trip so i had to settle for a jean shirt top and my sneakers.

I got to the bar, found him and exchanged pleasantries. We placed our order and it was at this bar that I discovered almost 0% beer…and yes as you imagined it was NASTAY. We discussed work, career, and hobbies. In our convo I shared I was looking to relocate and wouldn’t mind Houston and he shared his love for Houston with me, raving and ranting about all the gems that make Houston great. He should run for Mayor sef. Overall Mr. H was cool.

As we walked back to my rental, we came across some cool statures, and decided to do a quick photoshoot for the gram, yup right there and then.We cracked jokes as we awkwardly got into our poses. Since my flight had been cancelled 3 times and i did not have a confirmed departure date, he asked if i would be down for another meet up and he offered to show me around Houston 😊. As fate would have it, i was finally able to re-book a late evening flight for that weekend, so I took Mr. H up on his offer and he came through!

Mr. H was clearly paying attention when I was yapping on all my fave things because he took me to some great gems. We had Amy’s Ice Cream: then tea. PS: If you are ever in Houston and need a chill relaxed spot for a date. Check out The Path of Tea: . We ended the day at Hermann Park which had a nice view before making our way to the airport.

Mr. H is still in my life, we check in with each other randomly, and sometimes he sends me job postings in Houston because I shared my desire to relocate. He even reviewed my resume and gave me feedback. Let’s just say hanging out with him was the upside to the storm 😊. My holiday gift from him is Suya which should be coming in the mail soon. Fingers crossed.

Morale of the story is you just never know who you will meet and what will manifest from that meeting, so be OPEN.

Happy New Year

Pearl B

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