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Be Real With Yourself

Dating and being in Denial, and Projecting frustration upon almost certain disappointing eventuality. I believe that for the most part, people dating online do so because they have specific goals and preferences and would like to increase their chances at success. This also includes those that “aren’t really looking for anything”, yes you too.

That being said, I think some of these ladies need to be more accepting of the men they run into online. PLEASE READ FURTHER BECAUSE I’M TIRED OF PEOPLE WHO CAN’T READ. Being more accepting does not mean to continue to associate with or condone their actions. What this means is that when you start talking to a guy online, pick on the first few things he says and what he places emphasis on, check if those things are in alignment with why you’re on the platform or what you’re looking for and if they are not, do not villainize him because the misalignment, do not look down on it, and most importantly, DO NOT IGNORE IT. MAKE YOUR DECISION on going forward based on what you just realized. If a man leads a conversation with sexual innuendos, there’s a 90% chance it’s sexual. Whatever you do, do not try to convince him otherwise unless you’re fine with being disappointed. And if you do turn out to be disappointed, do not make this about him, especially if you have read this. Consider this your heads up. NOW ABOUT THE GUYS. You know I never really understood the need to compel a woman. To me part of the fun in any sort of interaction was the consensual nature of it. I was never into the girls who simply just “made it difficult”, it never intrigued me, and when I did take up a challenge and “got the girl” I instantly lost interest. I’ve always appreciated honesty and the strength to open up without needing to put up a wall, from my experience women like that turn out to be stronger willed which is also sexy ;) I say all that to say this, when you chat with a girl/lady/woman online and her initial statements do not align with what you want i.e you just want to smash but she doesn’t seem down, let her be bro! Or if you’re looking for long term but she’s seeming a bit thotty, let her be! Stop being in denial and thinking “she’ll come around” stop getting mad when she turns out to not be what you want.

If you do want to meet or be a Mr. or Mrs. Right, then let them go as fast as you swipe them if you are misaligned. Stop being in DENIAL and Stop PROJECTING your disappointment i.e. thinking you're disappointed in a person when the truth is the disappointment is in yourself for ignoring instincts and warning signs.

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