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The Costco Date

I went to Costco on a date and you should too. So, what is Costco? Costco is a place where people can buy home goods and housewares in bulk.

I matched with a fella on Bumble last month, his profile write up included a verbiage on Costco, and so i used that as my opening line. I asked him if he had a strategy, i asked if he was a tourist (someone who tours the aisles) or if he was a planner (someone who goes in with a list and goes straight for the item). He mentioned his strategy varies. We carried on our convo and decided we should meet up. I asked him if he would be ok with meeting at Costco, since we both love us some Costco..and to my surprise he laughed and said yes. It was a new experience for the both of us.

I LOVE Costco! I switch between tourist and planner when I visit. Some days I tour the aisles, and then there are days when I am armed with a list and only get what I came for, which is an achievement.

I think sometimes dates can induce anxiety and set you down this rabbit hole of terrible nerves, when I am shopping, i feel at ease, I am not over thinking, and I am not too worried. I think this is the best time to actually get to know someone…I know I maybe on my own on this one but hear me out.

Stranger Danger:

If you want someplace with high foot traffic look no further. On any given day I guarantee you at least they get up to 1500 patrons. This may cause anxiety in others, but it works for me. Everyone is on about their business, so rarely do you run into situations where people act out. Push your cart grab your merch and keep it moving.


I mentioned that I feel very relaxed and chill at Costco. My date and I walked through aisles, bought our merch and settled at the food court for pizza. We had an interesting conversation and he casually mentioned he was once married…for 12 YEARS! If you are wondering his profile age was 38. He made no mention of his previous marital status on his profile. When I asked for more info he mentioned they got married when they were young due to religious restriction and eventually grew into diff people. in my mind I was like hmmmmm bros na 12 years o... I hmmmed A LOT in our convo. Somethings they were said, the way they were said…My inner being was just like HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!

Inexpensive: Costco is also known for its cheap eats. While I enjoy a fancy get dressed dinner, I also really enjoy dress down casual eats. As long as the food taste good I am game.

Our total was less than $10

Moving forward, I plan on incorporating more Costco dates, I mean It’s a win win, if things don’t work out at least I got to get my groceries done 😊. Also having the other party agree to going along with this plan reveals that they are a good sport, spontaneous which is always a bonus.

Consider this a recoomendation: Plan a Costco date today!

Pearl B.

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