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Chop Kiss

Guess who went on 2 dates last week? This gurl! Looks like I got my mojo back…now if I can just maintain it…sigh.

Date 1 was very chill. We met on Bumbs, he is an artist on the side with a sales job by day. We went to a Pizza spot and had a great time and afterwards he convinced me to get drinks so we went to a bar nearby. He was easy on the eyes, tall, well-groomed and a GREAT DRESSER! Which I’ve discovered is a major turn on for me.

Anyhoo after we had a few drinks and him challenging me to try a Chocolate stout (it was ok in case you were wondering), he walked me to my car…and leaned in for a kiss. I pulled a roca wear and leaned back.

I Apologize and informed him I did not kiss on the first date. He said it was ok, he kinda knew I was like that. In my mind, I’m like seen…you knew I was not a first date kisser and still went in for one. You get a ‘B’ for bold sir with your fine self. Lol.

Are you thinking; "Why didn't you kiss him fool?" I think kisses are special, and i just don't want to be swapping my saliva with every Tom, Dick, and Harry. I want to share a kiss when the moment feels right. A first date is an intro session. Some may think that it is old fashion, old school. Na you sabi.

So will there be a second date?

I am not so sure and here is why: He is not the best at communicating. I was even surprised we linked up because we had been planning a date since February… 3 months ago! He would ask about my availability, I would provide details and…radio silence…weeks later he will pop back in. I responded to one of his messages with “well well well, look what the wind blew in…” he would ask about meeting up and we would to make plans and guess what…POOF he disappears AGAIN, weeks later he resurfaces.

As someone who values communication, I have flagged this behavior. I cannot come and give myself high blood pressure jumping each time my phone vibrates or when I get a text notification as I anticipate if and when he will text. Pull-in and retract is tool #1 in every f**k boy's play book. They pull you in long enough to get you interested and retract enough to get you antsy, eager, anxious, desperate, etc

Biko ez not that deep, come and be going abeg.

I am thinking that he is either involved with someone OR juggling multiple girls, so I am not really putting any weight on this one. I felt a bit of tingle which is a good sign that all is well with me.

What’s your take on kissing on the first date? Yay or Nay?

Pearl B

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