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The Divorcee

Back in May after date with Mr. Well Dressed, I lined up another date with Mr. Divorcee. He was around 40 but didn’t look his age. He looked younger, fit and was well dressed (are you catching my likeness for well-dressed men?).

Prior to our meeting, he had disclosed in one of our chat sessions that he was divorced with 2 kids. I appreciated his honesty and asked if he was cool with sharing more and he obliged.

Why is he divorced? According to him they lost the passion in their marriage, and it felt like they had grown into roommates vs. husband and wife. Oh he also mentioned that it was hard to maintain passion in their marriage, for example their youngest child slept in their bed till she was 5.

I asked if they sought counseling and he said no, so I asked why not? and if he thought counselling would have made a difference? He said he wasn’t sure.

He was open to re-marrying citing he had learned some valuable lessons about relationships like, It’s the little things that matters the most, help out in the house, be observant, communication, etc.

He told me a story of a situationship he was in for 11 months after his separation. This lady who was also going through a divorce and felt passion deprived was a great match. They had a lot of relations and it was fun and exciting. So why didn’t he commit to her? There were some red flags, she was in debt and he didn’t think she could manage her money, and finally he didn’t see her fitting in with his family, i.e. he couldn’t picture her parents hanging out with his parents.

Overall, he came across as someone who was confident with a dash of cocky. He definitely is aware that he is doing very well in life. He shared the net worth of his home, income, etc. Which good for you bro but there is so much more to life than money. It was clear he felt he was a catch!

“The interview” stopped, and he jokingly asked me if I studied psychology in school I told him nope, I just enjoy hearing people’s story.

He asked me how dating was going for me, and I told him I go off and on, and really can’t seem to get into a rhythm with it. He asked what apps I used, and I told him I only use bumble. To which he replied, well that’s the problem! You have to diversify you dating app portfolio!

For example, he uses Hinge, Bumble, and the League (which he pays $350 annually for, yes, he told me).

I shared that i am a hermit and I’ve grown comfortable with my isolation. He laughed and said you “gotta get out there”…and he is right. Mr. Divorcee gave me sage advice ya’ll.

Mr. Divorcee and I hugged good bye and I said if anything I can hit you up for dating app advice :-)...he'd unmatched with me by the time I got home to send my thank you note!

I wish him all the passion his loins can handle!

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