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This one is for my Inner Child

So, remember that guy I met outside the dating event? We texted and over Memorial Day weekend went on a date. It was folklife festival that weekend and the weather was nice, so we decided to check out the festival.

We met up for drinks first where we covered the basics: Work, background, lifestyle activities. Some highlights:

Non-profit/ Service/ Giving back: We both are service oriented

Creativity: He comes from an art, music, and architectural background.

Personality: It was very warm. I don’t know if that is even descriptive but that best captures the vibe

Chemistry: There was a moment when we both laughed and made eye contact.

I shared that I had a blog where I talk about my dating life. He is the first guy I’ve been on a date with that knows that.

Post drinks, we walked into the festival where we tried fried bananas using chopstick which he tried to teach me how to use them, and I don’t think I got it down. I felt very nervous about using chopsticks, and he was like oh I don’t care, don’t worry about it being embarrassing.


At some point he stopped and shared that he felt that the vibe felt a bit off after we covered religion, like I maybe was let down after he shared his religious view. I didn’t feel that, but I thought that was noble to bring up right then and then. It warmed my icy heart. Hahaha

Finally, we took a walk around the park and stumbled upon a play area. I was drawn to it and we decided we would be like Nike and #justdoit. DO NOT JUDGE ME.

I know some people see me as this firm, serious person. I am indeed all that, but my friends will tell you that I’m also a BIG BABY inside. I indulge my inner child way more than I let on.

We both made our way to the top and slid down and It was fun!

We ended the day splitting a funnel cake. We said our good nights, i sent my standard Thank You and he responded that he would like to meet up again.

To be continued…

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