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Let's go dancing!

On one fateful Saturday some weeks ago Mr. DE (Mr. Festival Date) reached out and we started texting. He wanted us to go dancing, and I said SURE!

I made my way to the other side of town, he bought me a drink and I resolved to chop my life’s head as I cannot come and kee myself. jaiye ori eh...nam saying. It was a funk club and while I am used to shaku shaku, ati gwra gwra I managed to bust some moves pon him (9ja no dey carry last), and he threw it back a few times, and rolled along with my whining. AHOUWWWWWWW.

After the club we stopped by a 24hrs grocery store to get Gelato. He initially suggested we go to the lake for a dip and me that I know myself, I CANNOT SWIM. Also, I did not tell my sweet mother that I was going out, talkless of telling her I would also branch lake. I ku ku ma said that erm, I’ll be a spectator. He laughed and said we could just hang out there and so we made our way to the lake, and ate ice cream in the dark cool night. Small small o the wind blew us closer, and then the gentle breeze brought our faces together…and then we kissed.

Let’s break here for a quick side note. Eh jo/ please/ yo/ bruh, why is that when white people kiss they want to be grabbing your head? As I felt his hand move close to my head omo if you see the way my senses came back and my reflex kicked in …i jumped and said “Don’t touch my hair” he said oh “sorry, I know that’s a thing” Hahahahaha now that I think about it, that was freaking hilarious.

Hello people! Don’t just be touching peoples head anyhow. Please just manage to kiss the kiss without all that senrere…ok thanks much!I was already calculating the damage. Me that I am managing my wig…my village people will now come and show themselves, and he will now use his hand to shift my wig…and then KASALA go will I explain why my hair is moving from left to right biko or worst case slides off my head?

Back to kiss. After we je ete (kissed in Yoruba language) we took a walk, we discussed upcoming plans and I shared I was going skydiving for my bday, and guess what? he stopped and sang happy bday to me and we kissed some more before heading back to the car. We made our way back to his place where we cuddled in a hammock gazing at the sky and discussed society, racism, permit patty, Barbeque Becky, etc.

I bet you want to know how the night ends. Let me put it like this at the end of our date I walked away knowing that whatever something I felt disappeared into an abyss. I think he also knew because we chatted afterwards and said we both didn’t feel a relationship spark so best to stay “friends.”

So here’s to funky sounds, summer kisses, and secured wigs!

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