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An Act of Service

I joined Hinge 4 weeks ago after Mr. Divorcee recommended it.

What is Hinge? Hinge is another dating app that connects you with people who are friends of your Facebook friends. Hinge’s UI reminds me of Instagram timeline with pictures leading and some blurb that is based on Q&A. Overall, I think it is ok.

What I like: hardly any swiping, and the UI is easy to use.They are on point with my preferences, and it’s not overwhelming.

Anyhoo, I matched with this guy, let’s call him Maui ( a nod to Hawaii which is where is from). We chatted off and on for a couple of days. He asked me what I had planned for the weekend, and I told him gym, volunteer and running errands. I told him volunteering activity was an open invitation. He took me up on my offer asked me where and when. I thought he was joking but he wasn’t. i shared the deets with him and he promised he'd show up.

On Saturday I kept my eyes out for him as I got to the location a few minutes early. I saw him, and I walked over to introduce myself. We exchanged pleasantries and I gave him a mini orientation and got started. We worked on offloading a van of donations, sorted through the donate goods and he helped carry the heavy loads inside. Once we were done, we joined some other volunteers who were prepping corns.

This activity allowed us to chat. He was from Hawaii, I mentioned I visited years ago and asked him about some of the areas I visited. We both work in the same industry and attended the same industry event a month before.

We also talked about past relationships. He is recently single. He took a break from dating after his relationship ended, which was caused after his now ex-girlfriend confessed she did not love him. They were together for a year.

He was a good sport the entire time and stayed for the duration of my volunteering commitment (3hrs). After that we went to get brunch and chatted about work, and his adorable dog Kuda. We talked about food and i shared my love for Caribbean cuisine and he mentioned that a new Caribbean Asian fusion spot just opened by his place. We both agreed that would be a great spot to check out.

What are my thoughts? He seems like a cool dude and while I did not feel a spark, I wouldn’t mind being friends with him if he is open to it.

Here’s to nice people who do nice things!

Pearl B

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