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First Date Ideas

Cuffin season is upon us! while chatting with my friend, she shared she struggles with date ideas and tasked me with creating a list of some good date ideas. So here we are.

Overall! First dates should:

  • Be inexpensive. My rule is i prefer we go dutch on the first date. equal risk for both parties.

  • Allow for dialogue. The point of the first date is to get to know each other, so being in a space that allows to chatter and conversation is important.

  • Be casual- i.e. No black tie, or need to be fancily dressed

  • Be fun!


  • Paint-nites. Pro tip check out groupon for some sweet deals.

  • Berry Picking, Apple Picking, Corn Maze

  • Hiking

  • Museum Visits

  • Picnics. Day at beach

  • Day at Zoo

  • Festivals

  • Arcades


  • Happy Hour

  • Desserts

  • Coffee/Brunch

  • Cooking classes

  • Farmer’s Market



  • Movies- does not allow for dialogue or talking

  • Concerts- does not allow for dialogue or talking

Here's to great dates.

Pearl B

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