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Yo where you been B?

I’ve been AWOL. Work got crazy and then I was stressed out and needed a break which I took and traveled.

Post trip, I came back with new perspective on life in general, then my life, my expectations, my needs, my desires…all of it.

I made the decision to STOP dating until further notice and I deactivated my accounts! Gasps… No, it’s not because I started seeing someone or stopped seeing someone. I just felt the need to live life very simply and fully take up all the space inside of me.

What the hek does this mean? Well it means I will no longer have content for my blog. Can’t talk about dating if I’m not going on dates, right? I don't know how long this season of not dating will last but i know it's what i need to do at this time.

I don’t plan on taking down the site. It will stay up and maybe people will submit their stories, or maybe they won’t but I take comfort knowing I was brave enough to open myself up to the world.

Thank you to everyone of my visitors and readers, for the feedback, referral, post ideas, encouragement.

Wishing you all a prosperous new year and decade.

For those who are single, I wish you joy and happiness in your journey.

For the married, I wish you bliss, and devotion.

For those nursing a broken heart or dealing with loss, I wish you soothing peace, and intense comfort.

Here’s to a new chapter. Let's make it a one for the history books.


Pearl B.

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