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Case of EntitleMENt

It’s no mystery that we are egotistical beings, and online dating is a realm where people lose their darn minds about it.

Here are what some of them feel they are entitled to while online dating:

Entitled to our response

Entitled to traumatizing our eyes with d**k pics

Entitled to a date

Entitled to our time

Entitled to our bodies (Most dangerous of all)

My friend recently shared her experience with one of such men. For context they had been chatting and made plans to go on a date. Prior to making plans, my friend had stated that she only exchanged numbers after the first date and he was ok with it or so she thought...

Lets dive in:

“I don’t mean to be bitter but…” Ok can we all agree that anytime a statement starts with I don’t and includes but in the same sentence then the but negates everything that comes before it.? So Sir, you are BITTER. In fact, Bitterleaf got norrin on you ok.

“I get where you are coming from but…” You do NOT get it, you didn’t want to get it, you and getting it are like Trump and Sense, ya’ll never met a day in your life.

He then goes on to use his identity as a defense talking bout some "I am me, and no one else..."it reeks of so much privilege. Is your face on a currency note? Are you a celeb? This is online dating, people are out here cat-fishing with multiple identities and all you have to offer is "I am me". WHO IS YOU? I don't know you past this little blurb and couple of pictures you've posted. For all i know you could be lying!

Except you are hella famous, you can't use the "i am me." line. It's equivalent to a Nigerian saying "Do you know who i am?" Ta ni eh? abeg let us hear word.

To solidify his doucheness he had the effrontery to say that her refusal to give her number is "very unpersonable and a waste of time." First of all she mentioned this clause and he was ok with it, went on to set up a date only to let his ego convince him that he deserved more than an in-app correspondence with someone he had never met.

You know what …throw the whole match away. Bye Felicia! He reminds me so much of a male Diva.

A boy that if he pays for your meal he wee use it to abuse you if things go south.

A boy that will beg to visit your Havilah and if things go south will say you were wack and he was managing you beh beh. Awon man san fani, minister of management.

A boy that will call you non-stop after you break up with him and then switch to stalking you and insulting you if you don't take him back.

Sis If you encounter him RUN! talk to your legs and run fast so you can avoid stories that touch.

Online dating should be a mutually benefiting playground. We are not here to be doing favors. OK. You swiping right is not a favor! the truth is you saw something that piqued your interest or loins…so let’s stop with this sense of entitlement. It is unflattering, and unbecoming.

"Do me a favor, don’t do me no favors, I’ll handle mines."- HOV

Pearl B

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