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Friends, Lovers or Nothing

A couple of months ago, I was cruising the streets of Tinder when an account caught my eyes. The name was striking because I had a feeling the person was Nigerian, specifically Yoruba. Tinwa tinwa (Ours is Ours).

I was curious, so i swiped right and wahlah, it's was a match. We started chatting and to cut the long story short we exchanged numbers and in our text messages confirmed our Nigerianess, which helped us move from texting to a phone call.

In our convo, we chatted like buddies, because Nigerians! Sha, we get to the ‘spec’ question. You know, what do you look for in someone? and I start yapping about personality, God fearing, values, vision, character etc. and bobo was like ok…what about physical? I was like o… nothing major, nice smile, height (I am fairly tall), stature, e.t.c and i'm still yapping. I did not even hear him when he said he did not meet one of my spec.

He asked me if I heard him, and I was like I did now. He said no, because “I said I did not meet one of the spec.” I asked which one, and it was height. I am a good 4-5 inches taller ☹

Na so I tell uncle…bros, we can be friends. I issued him his Friendzone Membership Card, and told him to feel at home. 😊 We both laughed and carried on our convo. We agreed we felt good vibes, so we should be friends foreal.

Just like that, I gained a new friend. We are still in touch, and check in regularly with each other and have hung out a couple of times. In this grey city of mine, it’s nice to have another familiar face and friend. I’m glad Tinder gave me the opportunity to meet him.

So, you see, sometimes you may not meet the one, but you may meet good people who go on to be friends along the way.

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