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The One of...Many

Who is The One?

Allegedly the person meant for only you…your own snow flake. Some argue that we each get our soulmate, one who was created/birthed/designed just for us.

Where is The One?

Considering there are over 7 billion human beings scattered all over the globe, The One can literally be anywhere…but chances are the more people you know, the more you get hobbies that require physical interaction, then the better your chances are of finding The One.

How do you know The One?

Here is the kicker! There is no empirical way to confirm sighting of ‘The One’. People claim they “just know”. Some have reported feeling something in their soul, there are no descriptions for this said feeling or what it can be compared to…so yea…good luck mate.

So, what have we gathered about ‘The One’?

Existence: Debatable, up to you to decide.

Location: Anywhere.

Circumstances of encounter: Undeterminable.

Proof: Intangible feeling

Personally, I have given up on the idea of “The One”. I think sticking with one partner is not because of some cosmic alignment or fate. Instead it is based on a conscious decision to dedicate and commit one’s self to another and forego ALL others for the rest of one’s life. This decision is based off compatibility on multiple factors like: social-economic status, religion, age, race, nationality, morals, values and any other factors and filters you want to throw into the mix.

It has taken me over 10 years of adulting to come to terms that the Idea of ‘The One’ is a fable. Society, and franchises like Disney, looking at you Cinderella have conditioned us to believe that there can ONLY be ONE person for us. I’m calling BS on this statement. There is just wayyyyyyy too many of us roaming the world for there to just be one! I now believe there is ‘The One…of MANY.’

Nursing the notion of The One can remove us from reality. Some of us start creating a profile derived from the figment of our imaginations. That’s when you start saying and hearing, The One has the body of Idris Elba, wallet of Bill Gates, Brain of Bezos, personality of., you name it. What we end up doing is pigeonholing ourselves into an unrealistic bubble.

There will be people who will complement us and none of them will be a perfect match. We get to decide based on our individual filters to what degree they complement us and what we are willing to live it! Everyone has baggage, so figure out the content within the baggage and decide what you want to claim and what you don’t. Chances are the higher the complementing, the stronger the union.

The most important learning for me through this reflection is the need to be open both mentally and emotionally because you never know the who, when or the how. If you believe in “The One” good for you, if you do not, good for you too!


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